Long vest à la Thom Browne

I had a long fascination with the creativity of Thom Browne. He has a unique ability to reinvent familiar pieces of clothing, be it shrunken jackets, trailing shirts or dropped skirt waists. For the project that follows, I was inspired by the coats with cut-off sleeves. This examples of a long vest is look #22 from Thom Browne’s 2023 resort collection. My version of a long vest was a collaboration with Fabricville, who supplied the pattern (Burda 6845) and materials. Sincerely, the budget limit dictated the amount of fabric I could use, and there was just not enough for the sleeves, hence long vest.

I made up the pattern without many changes, just corrected the hem length and watched out for anything to address in the shoulder-sleeve area. Usually, coats have wider shoulders and larger armholes. However, I cut the cloth as per pattern, and after I’ve inserted the shoulder pads, I enveloped them in the fabric of the armhole. The result was narrower shoulders, which suited the silhouette lines of this long vest.