Burda 6440 Urban Safari Dress

Collage with model wearing blue urban safari dress, headscarf, sunglasses and outside Italian cafe

It’s the time for the long-awaited cruise season. It’s the time to explore, stroll the old streets and soak in the sun. This time, however, we (Maya and I) decided to do it virtually, browsing through the photos snapped during our last Italian adventure. Inspired, and preparing for hopeful upcoming travel season, we wanted to update the wardrobe. We judged that a modern urban safari dress would be a perfect companion for any travel. It can take you from the streets of Verona, to a cafe in Florence and a dinner in Venice.

Collage with a model wearing blue urban safari dress talking on the phone and Italian street view

I chose Burda 6440 pattern, because I trust Burda patterns for fit. This one did not disappoint, and I did not make any adjustments. I also chose a wonderful printed chambray fabric from fabricville.com. The fabric has a denim look and a white modern abstract geometric print. It was a pleasure to work with, and I am sure it will be great to wear thanks to natural fibers.

Made-up straps, collar, pockets
Interfaced straps, epaulettes and pocket flaps

The cutting out and the making up of the pattern was straight-forward, with no surprises. Yes, there are a lot of pieces, due to the number of pockets, flaps, straps and epaulettes. But I try to find enjoyment in tedious tasks. There is a lot of decorative top stitching; but again, an urban safari dress needs it!

A shocker — the amount of buttons required: twenty (20)! I opted for a shortcut and used metal snaps. Still, it took me over an hour to install them.

Collage with a model wearing blue urban safari dress and ruins of a coliseum

I would recommend this Burda 6440 pattern and the project to anyone looking for a relaxed but flattering summer dress to pack on your travels. It is a great option for a staycation to wear on a stroll, a garden party or a dinner.

This project featured on blog.fabricville.com

Collage with model wearing blue urban safari dress and sunglasses and Italian riviera