Blue Retro Ensemble

Simple suits with complications. Let me start from the beginning. This was a project I joined for a sew-along organized by Burda Style Russia on Instagram. I had only 4 weeks to complete it before International Women’s Day (8 March). Since it is practically winter in Ottawa, my love and I decided on a warm […]

Christine’s Dressing Gown

Pink Dressing Gown for Christine

Our good friends Christine and Berney (that Berney who received a me-made bath robe earlier in the year) were planning to leave on a cruise vacation. To celebrate the occasion, we thought of gifting her with a “perfect” morning dressing gown — semi-sheer, sensual, light. And yes, the project had to be mailed in 2 […]

My (almost) first shirt

  I wanted a dress shirt. I needed a dress shirt. Shirts are expensive. Shirts need to fit well. I took on a challenge. I bit more than I could chew. The draft Honestly, it is not my first shirt . There was one before. It was drafted according to the Rudschau system (M. Mueller). […]