White jersey jacket à la Claire Shaeffer

This project was long time coming. I purchased the fabrics in Fabricville over the years, then in 2018 I did a blog post for Fabricville featuring Claire Shaeffer’s jacket pattern. And then it all came together – the fabrics, the patterns, the mood.

White jersey jacket

First of all, I simplified the pattern and eliminated the pockets. Second, I raised the gorge and extended the lapel. Third, I added 2 deep pleats to the sleeve. Forth, I did not use sleeve and bottom hem facings.

Padstitching the lapels to organza interfacing

To put the jacket together, I used synthetic organza as interfacing. Pad stitched the lapels. For the rest of the garment, there are no interfacings, as the fabric is fairly stable and has a good hand. The buttonholes are all handmade. It took me about 1/2 hour for each of them.

Handy markings on nail to maintain consistent distance from the edge

The trousers are self-drafted. By Maya’s request, I made a 10cm wide contoured waistband.

Maya wears white jersey jacket à la Claire Shaeffer and turquoise cotton twill trousers

Photos 2 and 6 courtesy of Christine Ball.

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