Burda 2009 sleeveless dress

Burda 2009-08, model 124A.
Burda 2009-08, model 124A

This project is my first success! It is not new, but worth sharing.

I was new to sewing. It was frustrating to spend time and money and end up with a garment that was worn once! However, when I saw this model in Burda Style magazine, I was convinced I could make it work. A quick shop in Fabricville gave me a fantastic powder blue wool-like canvas and matching acetate lining.

UntitledAt the wedding

The process

Copying the pattern, cutting the fabric and making up the fashion fabric to try the fit was a breeze. We tried it on. There were a few adjustments to make: move bust points and darts a bit higher, cinch the waist, raise the hem. As for the shoulder and neck — there was nothing to adjust. I repeated the same alterations on the pattern before cutting the lining.

UntitledBefore the wedding

I did not follow the instructions precisely. I did not use the neck facings, because the fabric is not extremely pleasant to the touch. I used lining instead. The pattern did not account for proper lining, but rather directed to sew 2 layers as one. I did not have an overlock machine at the time, and the thought of leaving raw edges on the inside was unnerving. So I just sewed the lining as one would. However, I have never done the kick vent before. I found some video on YouTube and inspected a skirt Maya had in her closet. The result is in front of you.

UntitledBack kick vent with lining

The lining is attached to the invisible zipper by hand.

Maya loves the dress. She has worn it on several occasions and tells me it is her favourite dress! I think she looks smashing in it. Cheers to a successful project!